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Detiina is a social enterprise which employs women in underprivileged communities in Ghana to make beautiful handcrafted jewelry. It started with the dream of the founder, Nafisa Adams, to fund her education and it soon became the reality of economic empowerment for woman all over Ghana. After completing her education, Nafisa wanted to give back to her community in Paga, Ghana, so she began training women the craft of jewelry making under her not-for-profit Beads of Hope.

This collective soon started to grow as more and more women wanted to be involved in the program. To make the employment of the jewelry makers sustainable, Detiina was created. The current model includes training new women and giving them startup kits under Beads of Hope and then producing and selling the jewelry under the social enterprise Detiina. The profits gained from selling the jewelry gets invested into the community by providing an education for the children in need and operating a micro-loan program.

Detiina means “Our Hope” in Kasem,
a language spoken by the people of Paga, Ghana.

Paga is a rural village in the Upper Eastern region of Ghana. This region is one of the most vulnerable places in Ghana with a poverty rate of 44.4% in 2013. This means 44.4% of people living in this region do not have access to basic human necessities including food, water, shelter, an education, etc. Being a part of Detiina gives women the opportunity to make a fair income, allowing them to provide the necessities they previously did not have access to. Many women specifically use their income from Detiina to fund their children’s education, as they want to give them the best future possible.

Most of the women creating the jewelry for Detiina are subsistent farmers during the rainy season and produce for Detiina in the dry season.

Detiina originally started with just a few women in Paga. It has grown to over 70 women in Paga, 25 women in Sandema (a nearby village), and 10 girls in Accra. Detiina gives women the opportunity to unite themselves with a common goal. Every woman wants to improve her life, and the lives of her family and community members. Detiina strives to create a global network of women helping women in the fight to end poverty.

Family is of utmost importance to the women. Working with Detiina allows them to better provide for their family and give their children access to a better life.

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